The 2013 Webeloree is over

Be sure to check back here mid summer 2014 for details about the 2014 Webeloree tentatively scheduled for October 24th - 25th.

When a Boy Scout attends summer camp, he must make choices as to which merit badge classes he will attend during the week. The Webeloree is similar in concept in the choices that a Webelos will have to make as to which activity pin class he will attend.

What we are doing is providing an opportunity for your Webelos to work on up to five activity pins out of 12 activity pins offered. The instructors of each of these classes will be Boy Scouts from various Troops in the Cherokee Pickens District. This program is not a replacement for Webelos Woods, but an alternative we are offering. This is part of the Webelos to Scouts Transition program of the District.

This is also an opportunity for Troops to send their brightest young instructors out into the field to let them have the opportunity to teach the next generation of Boy Scouts. This is an opportunity to "market" themselves and their Troops through their behavior, attitude and professionalism. But more importantly, it's an opportunity for everyone to have fun while learning.


Updated 10/26/13
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