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October 24th - 25th, 2014
Orange UMC
220 Orange Church Circle, Canton

This is an opportunity for 1st year and 2nd year Webelos to work on a variety of activity pins and Scout skills. It is also an opportunity for them to meet many different Boy Scouts from many different Troops. In addition to the Troops that will be teaching activity pin and Scout skill sessions Troops will be set up for Webelos to visit. This is your opportunity to meet their leaders, learn what boy led instruction is like, and for you to kick several tires in one day and in one location.



Breakfast and Lunch available for purchase courtesy of Crew 500

This is an excellent opportunity for your Webelos, first and second year, to work on several activity pins and Boy Scout skills in one weekend. The Boy Scouts of the Troops of the Appalachian Trail District are combining their skills to bring this program to you.

There are 14 sessions offered and your Webelos will NOT be able to participate in every class. Your Webelos will have to make a decision, in advance, of the sessions they would like to take. They would sign up and attend only those sessions they signed up for.

This is the same thing that the Boy Scouts go through prior to every summer camp. They must select the merit badge clinics that are offered by the camp and they can only attend those classes. No Boy Scout can attend ALL merit badge clinics at camp.

For those Webelos that don't require any of these pins, they will have the opportunity to work on several Boy Scout skills, and to walk around visiting the Boy Scout Troops, which will be on hand demonstrating their own Scout skills.


Updated 10/17/14
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